Orient SA

Magalies Gliding Club operates out of Orient Airfield (FAOI) and is situated approximately 50km west-northwest of central Johannesburg and 65km southwest of central Pretoria.

Lift is entirely thermic. Good summer days usually have a Northerly breeze, 26 to 32 degrees Celsius and cumulus bases at 10000' msl to 15000' msl. Summer thermal activity gets as good as 5 and 6 m/s.

Aerodrome Information

Elevation 5100ft (1554mtr msl)
Two Parallel grass runways 18/36 1500mtr long. A cross runway of 700mtr 11/29.
A short strip, parallel and to the east of the two main 18-36 runways, (36RR) is used exclusively for winch launching and all circuits are conducted to the west of the field.
Nearest weather station FAJS (Johannesburg)

All glider circuits should be commenced at 1000 feet (above ground) / 330m / 1650 AMSL, and should be on the Northern side of the airfield (this is the town side). This means a right hand circuit for RWY 33 and left hand circuit for RWY 15

Airspace at Orient

Orient airfield (FAOI) sits on the edge of the Johannesburg CTA/TMA. Inside the TMA to the east, maximum altitude is 7600ft. To the west in the CTA, maximum altitude is 11000ft.

Because of the Airfield Elevation of 5100ft that gives you effectively 2500ft Max height AGL to the east and 5500ft Max height AGL to the west.


FSX users will require the following.
The terrain Mesh below is optional but it will enhance your ridge soaring and scenery

Tasks will be shown in the AGL section of the forum.