Soaring Tasks

Seighford Soaring Task #1

Ian Forster-Lewis and Ivan Rogers have put together a soaring task flying 50km triangle in lovely mid-summer soaring weather in the UK, flying the ASW28 from Seighford Airfield to Cosford and Cannock. More...

Enterprise Competition 2009 Long Mynd

To best describe what the Enterprise competition is all about I have taken a quote about their philosophy from the Enterprise Competition website which sums it up.

Enterprise does not seek to compete against modern Championship philosophy, but it does aim to supplement it with an interesting and enjoyable alternative approach, based on the following objectives:

  • To fly as much as possible whenever possible;
  • To enable a wide range of gliders to participate meaningfully;
  • To provide a reasonable measure of each pilotís relative success;
  • To provide the maximum fun and interest for pilots and their crews.

To this end:

  • Tasks are set to maximise the dayís potential.
  • Flights through Class D and other restricted airspace are allowed, provided they are conducted legally.
  • Take off times are pilot selected.
  • The start sector (usually a 5km circle) and finish line are always open, with no height restrictions.
  • Gaggle and team flying are virtually non existent.
  • The scoring system is simple and absolute.

Simple handicapping is applied, the slower older gliders can use this to their advantage.
The speed formula/bonus for getting back is significant but not over-riding if a more enterprising flight results in a landout.

Enterprise does not cater for those who want to establish, maintain or improve their ratings. But it is designed for those who fly for the sheer joy and adventure of it all and who wish to challenge themselves to their own limits in a friendly competitive environment, whilst flying their hearts out.

"These tasks are reproduced with the knowledge of Competition Enterprise. They have asked that we use the information responsibly and we ask members to respect that."

Many thanks to Ivan Rogers for putting together this exciting task for us.

Richard Sinclair
CEO UK Virtual Gliding Association

Enterprise Competition 2009 tasks 1 to 5

Lasham 2009 Regionals

Bicester 2010 Regionals

We have been able to source some real world glider tasks and are pleased to be able to reproduce these for UK VGA members to enjoy.

These are real world tasks based on Regional and National Glider Competitions and as such we have had no influence at all over the courses set.

We have however been able to reproduce as accurately as we can the weather applicable to the day for each task, which will be the same for both FS9 and FSX users.

As they are real world tasks we have also set up a scoring system for those who want to fly "competitively" however there is no reason why if you do not want to fly competitively you should not enjoy these tasks anyway. Just donít bother with an IGC log and don't fill in the score sheet.

For FSX users, when Cumulus X goes into Competition Mode all this means is that the parameters for that particular task have been loaded and have no bearing on whether you enter the competition or not.

We will also be holding a "One Off" competition again based on a real world annual competition and details of this will be promulgated at a later date.

I would like to thank the following.

  1. Navitar for allowing us to reproduce the tasks from their website
  2. Competition Enterprise Tasks are reproduced with the knowledge of Competition Enterprise, they have asked that we use the information responsibly and we ask members to respect that.
  3. UK VGA Admin team members who have contributed to the project in various ways..

Lasham 2009 regionals Tasks 1 to 6

Bicester 2010 regionals Tasks 1 to 6