Caiset Instruments Manual - Basic
Download (437.18 Kb)
Basic instructions for Max Roodveldts' GPS-NAV, LNAV and CAF Variometer included in the more advanced gliders. Written by James Allen
Caiset Instruments Manual - Advanced
Download (267.81 Kb)
Advance usage instructions for Max Roodveldts' GPS-NAV, LNAV and CAF Variometer included in the more advanced gliders.
Download (368.63 Kb)
The FSZwever Flight Viewer is designed to setup tasks for you to fly with a CAI-set equipped sailplane and to study the flights afterwards in much the same way as real world soraing tasks. You need to declare the tasks and save the IGC file for your UK VGA Silver, Gold and Diamond Badges. Updated user instructions are available on the Documentation page.
GPS-Nav.dat for UK VGA Club Bases
Download (4.09 Kb)
Sample gps-nav.dat file for FSZwever Flight Viewer and the CAISET Instruments with BGA Turnpoints near to the UK VGA Club airfields Seighford, Parham, Lasham and Long Mynd.
A simple utility that enables muliplayer between FSX Boxed, FSX Steam and P3D, developed by Peter Memmott
FSCopilot V1.7
Download (4.29 Mb)
The FSCopilot software is an essential part of the current FSInn suite and must be installed before FSInn.
FSInn V1.3
Download (6.75 Mb)
Both FSX and FS9 users should be downloading FSInn 1.3 and FSCopilot 1.7. Together they make up this ATC Communications application for FSX and FS9. Versions 1.3/1.7 are in stable beta, but the links are only available through the FSInn forum thread at http://forums.vatsim.net/viewforum.php?f=43. Note: It is worth reading and following all of Larry James's instructions in http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=20466 to avoid any problems. As he says, FS9 users may experience a performance problem with this release.
Squawkbox V4.0.0
Linked to on the links page
This combined VATSIM server connection and ATC communications package has been developed especially for VATSIM.
WinchX! Replacement Voice Files V1.1
Download (591.2 Kb)
Replacement Voice Files for WinchX!.
FSX Polar Viewer
Download (145.07 Kb)
Get the glider polars from within FSX and then view them on the Polar Viewer
Find Peter's website on the links page.
CumulusX! is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X only by Peter Lürkens for the creation of a soaring environment. CumulusX! creates thermal lift with appropriate clouds.
Simlogger V2.31
Download (6.08 Mb)
Ian Forster-lewis Program to add an IGC logger to the FSX Add-on Menu.
Cambridge Aero Explorer
Download (4.38 Mb)
Cambridge Aero Explorer is a program to an analyse your flights using an IGC file.