UK VGA Gliding Manual V3.1
Download (1.93 Mb)
Gliding in Flight Simulator, Volume 1 - Beginning Gliding.
UKVGA Launch Point Briefing Manual V3.0
Download (924.88 Kb)
This document details issues dealing with UKVGA glider launch point operations at events where there is more than one aircraft flying.
UK VGA Soaring Software Manual V2.0
Download (3.7 Mb)
Gliding in Flight Simulator, Volume 2 - Soaring Software. Configuring your computer and/or network to run Plan-G, XCSoar and other useful software.
Discord Voice Server Instructions
Download (721.98 Kb)
Detailed user instructions on how to set up and use Discord Voice server for our multplayer online events
UK VGA Flight Log V1.0
Download (317.74 Kb)
Printable PDF Flight Log for recording the information needed for filing your UK VGA PIREPS.