Membership of the UK Virtual Gliding Association is open to any Flight Simulator X / P3D enthusiast, keen to be an active flying member and wishing to participate either online or offline.

FSX / P3D provides an effective platform for simulating virtual soaring and cross-country gliding, but this is achieved only by the installation and configuring of third-party software.

To help you get going, UKVGA offers three .pdf format manuals which provide full guidance about required software, how to join us online for our Tuesday and Thursday soaring tasks, and about advanced soaring software. These are essential reading.

It is a fairly steep learning curve and you will need to spend some time in the first instance to explore our resources, read the guidance, and download and instal additional software.

However if you have difficulty with reading English because it is not your first language, or you have a reading or other learning disability, please make this clear to our training member at the outset and every effort will be made to provide you with one-to-one support.

Therefore, we'd be glad if you would give this your very careful consideration before proceeding to the registration form, and also note the following:

Some third party software whilst optional, may be 'pay-ware' and therefore involve cost.

Your application is subject to approval, usually provided within 24 hours.

YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR REAL FIRST AND LAST NAMES AND A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS to receive your acceptance eMail, following which you will be able to access the UKVGA web pages, resources and forums.

On first logging in, please visit and respond to your personal forum welcome thread, which you will be able find here. Should you not activate your membership in this way within ONE WEEK of approval, we will assume that you are not interested in participation, and will cancel your membership without further notice.

If you are still happy to apply, please complete the Registration form and then click 'Submit'.