Members are encouraged to submit a Pilot's Report, or PIREP, for their gliding flights. Your PIREP page provides a personal record of your flights with the Club, and helps you to look back over your achievements, and compare your performance with similar tasks previously flown.

These are a few guidelines for filing your UKVGA PIREP's:

  • Apart from where otherwise stipulated, such as with some of the badge flights, any non-powered glider of your choice may be used for PIREPed flights.
  • Qualifying flights can be flown online with VATSIM, or offline as described in the Offline Flying page.
  • All flights should start at a designated airfield from the drop down PIREP list. Although one hopes to also land at a designated airfield, 'landouts' are accepted, for example, if the weather deteriorates. In this case the name or lat/long coordinates of the landout point could be specified.
  • To match the spirit and art of real world gliding, we encourage making the soaring conditions as close as possible to the real world, thus fostering the great sense of achievement that can be gained from a successful flight.
  • UKVGA supports and recommends CumulusX! as the only software capable of generating soaring conditions which represent those of the real-world, and members are asked to adopt only CumulusX! for soaring flights which are subject to pilot reports.
  • When Association group launch (AGL) events are held, the weather and soaring conditions will be determined by the task-setter of that event.
  • A PIREP report must be submitted for a flight to qualify for a UKVGA gliding award (badge).