Membership Rules

  1. Membership is open to anyone who uses Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  2. Applicants must provide, as a minimum, their real name, a valid email address, and their normal country of residence. Other optional information may be requested when the applicant receives their initial response from the Membership Secretary.
  3. Members must take part in at least one UK VGA flight per year. Such flights must be: -
    • Flights must be made in a glider or motor glider. Only non-motorised (i.e. engine off) flights in motor glider can be recorded for achievement awards or for entering in the UK VGA Pilot’s Reporting (PIREP) system.
    • A flight on a regular UKVGA gliding night at one of our operating bases.
    • A flight conducted as part of one of the Club’s published events.
    • A Flight which is not a UK VGA event, nor conducted at one of the Club's operating bases, but is a flight in which they have entered the text "Glider - UK Virtual Gliding Association" in their flight plan in addition to any other necessary text.
  4. Only Flights as defined in Rule 4 above are eligible to be entered in the UK VGA Pilot Records (PIREP) system.
  5. Membership will be for one year or part year, and will be renewed in November each year on the following basis.
    • Members who have made a flight as defined in Rule 4 since the previous renewal date, will be automatically renewed.
    • Members who have not taken part in at least one gliding activity since the previous renewal date, will be sent an email to the email address registered with the Club, asking them if they wish to remain as members. If no reply is received after 14 days, their membership will be terminated.
  6. All members must comply with the rules of the UKVGA, and demonstrate good etiquette and behavior in all online activities which involve the UKVGA.
  7. Copyright of any files made available for download from the UK VGA web site or the Forum remains the property of the author, unless otherwise stated. Members must not make copyrighted material available for download unless they own the copyright or have the written consent from the owner of the copyrighted material.
  8. Members must always use the Association’s full name “UK Virtual Gliding Association” in any communication with bodies with which the UKVGA is associated, formally or informally.
  9. Members must not enter into correspondence, email or other dialogue with any outside body on behalf of or claiming to represent the Association, without the express permission of the CEO.