Soaring Turnpoints

Local turnpoint files for your GPS-Nav. The .DAT file needs to be renamed to gps-nav.dat and placed in the root FS folder.

Seighford Local TurnpointsDownload (5.77 Kb)
Long Mynd Local TurnpointsDownload (6.22 Kb)
Aston Down Local TurnpointsDownload (6.47 Kb)
Cross Hayes Local TurnpointsDownload (6.38 Kb)
Parham Local TurnpointsDownload (6.5 Kb)
Lasham Local TurnpointsDownload (6.41 Kb)
UK Glider Fields (Useful for Enterprise task)Download (3.26 Kb)

XCSoar Maps

XCSoar Maps that are custom generated

South Africa Gariep DamDownload (4.82 Mb)
Alps, High ResDownload (15.36 Mb)
Australia, Adelaide, High ResDownload (589.15 Kb)
Australia, Benalla, High ResDownload (2.57 Mb)
Australia, North - NSW, High ResDownload (1014.48 Kb)
Australia, Victoria - NSW, High ResDownload (5.68 Mb)
Australia, Queensland, High ResDownload (849.35 Kb)
Australia, Western Australia, High ResDownload (1.14 Mb)
Canada, South East - British Columbia, High ResDownload (12.66 Mb)
Italy, CentralDownload (1.53 Mb)
Ireland, High ResDownload (2.03 Mb)
Italy, APENN, High ResDownload (4.58 Mb)
Italy, South, High ResDownload (1.96 Mb)
Japan, High ResDownload (19.45 Mb)
United Kingdom, High ResDownload (8.85 Mb)
USA - MontanaDownload (314.64 Kb)
USA - California, Truckee, High ResDownload (29.67 Mb)
USA - Idaho, Lost River, High ResDownload (13.8 Mb)
USA - Idaho, South West. High resDownload (9.08 Mb)
USA - Oregan, High resDownload (10.09 Mb)
USA - Utah, R9N, High ResDownload (7.95 Mb)

Plan-G Turnpoints

Turnpoint files for importing into Plan-G to help plan your flights.

UK TurnpointsDownload (31.23 Kb)
UK Glider Fields Google Earth KML fileDownload (49.04 Kb)
Alps TurnpointsDownload (7.2 Kb)
Omarama TurnpointsDownload (3.84 Kb)
South Africa (Worcester) TurnpointsDownload (9.75 Kb)
South Africa (Orient) TurnpointsDownload (3.24 Kb)
Front Royal, VA USA TurnpointsDownload (6.23 Kb)
Harris Hill, NY USA TurnpointsDownload (3.32 Kb)
New Castle, VA USA TurnpointsDownload (2.23 Kb)
Moore King Mountain, Idaho, USADownload (5.09 Kb)
Willamette, Oregon, USADownload (2.16 Kb)
Uvalde, TX USA TurnpointsDownload (2.39 Kb)
Adolfo Gonzales Chaves, ArgentinaDownload (3.42 Kb)
Planeadores de Vitacura, Chile TurnpointsDownload (1.86 Kb)
Narromine, Australia TurnpointsDownload (5.44 Kb)

.pln FSX flightplan to gps-nav.dat and XCSoar Files Conversion Program

A program to convert Official or customised FSX .pln flightplan files into a GPS-Nav.dat file, an XCSoar Turnpoint file or XCSoar Task file, produced by James Allen. 09/10/17 Download (7.45 Mb)